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Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.

There’s a show offer with the TruTest XRS EID Stick Reader & Pharmweigh Senior or Auto Drafter Indicator where you can save up to £150 for orders on the day.

The beauty of the very well build XRS is 2 fold – 1 ; You may upload a list of pre defined “Flags” to the stick & attach a flag to an EID, e.g. CULL  & 2 ; You can upload a pre defined list of EID’s, for example CULL, to the stick which will alarm when any of the uploaded list is read.

Very neat & very simple.



Feed Bin Weighing


We have an indicator that can run up to 8 digital scales, so may be used to weigh multiple feed bins.


We also have a program to run multiple scales with live recording based on user defined parameters. A powerful tool for monitoring feed usage.



Load Bars - Construction Guide


Whether weighing cattle, sheep or pigs, aluminium loadcells do not have the same resilience as stainless steel IP68 loadcells.  At best they will be IP65.

Other than being softer with no stated overload capacity, they corrode especially if pin size holes appear in the surface which is highly likely if exposed to muck & slurry.

There is a reason why load bars with aluminium load cells are cheaper than stainless steel loadbars.

Find out how loadbars are constructed before committing.  Check the IP, Ingress Protection, rating.  



Manual Draft Gate Handle Position


If you work in the race or at one end of the crate we can place the manual draft crate side gate handles in the Centre  of the crate so you can easily reach them.  They can be sprung loaded so self closing. 

The Centre exit gate has a chord attached, pull it & it opens, as it’s sprung loaded let go & it closes.

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