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company HISTORY


Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.


Pharmweigh was a spin off from the weighing activities of Ag & Vet Pharmacy, Pharm AG Supplies.New Zealand scale equipment was being imported in the early 1990′s. As experience was gained the limitations of a singular presentation, load bars, became very apparent. Hence the development of the most successful Crate Conversion Kit in 1994. Pharmweigh officially started trading when the first Conversion Kit was sold in January 1995.

Since then a range of high specification products have been developed, including all stainless steel loadbars, ( Only one standard – as only one standard is good enough for agriculture ), open topped weigh crates and coming up to the present time, a range of Auto Drafting weigh crates for sheep and pigs and an Auto Marker. These latter developments have been greatly assisted through successfully winning a UK DTI / EEDA SMART award and a Micro Project Development Award.


Having developed the 1st seriously robust electronic replacement for the spring balance on livestock weighing equipment in 1994, as far as we are aware, many of the hundreds that have been sold since January 1995 are still working and being used on a regular basis.

The success achieved here by sound design, engineering and build quality is applied to all Pharmweigh products. A 10 year product life expectancy is considered somewhat comprehensive, especially where stainless steel fabrication is involved. 20+ years is not unrealistic. Appreciation of working practices has created a range of livestock weigh crates, all open topped. Thus they may be used as handling crates as well as for weighing, drug administration, identification and back fat and eye muscle scanning – all common applications.

We also custom build, welcoming user specifications if not satisfied within the standard product range. All load cells are stainless steel – no other material should be used is such a harsh environment as livestock farming. Not to do so is a short term saving, designed to appeal to the uninitiated who purchase solely on price. That’s why all our standard load cells are stainless steel, have 150% safety overload capacity and we offer 3 years cell warranty.

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