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Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.


Using the same indicator hardware and software as the Pharmweigh Auto Drafter, the Auto Marker is a bank of up to 3 inverted aerosol marker canisters. Dye is delivered inverted - canisters do not require agitation. Operators set the required weight bands on the indicator. As stock are weighed 12V DC actuators deliver a rapid pulse to the appropriate canister delivering a spot mark onto the animal's back.

The Auto Marker may be used on it's own on existing crates, in conjunction with the complete Pharmweigh Auto Drafter or solely with the Auto Draft Weigh Crate, no draft gates. This makes a very useful combination, especially for pig fatteners. The crate gates operate automatically, animals are marked automatically, thus operators can concentrate on managing their livestock and not equipment. A huge labour saving management tool.

All weights are recorded; there are on screen statistics and distribution graph. All data may be downloaded to PC.

The system drivers are IP67 12V DC actuators with a design life of 500,000 cycles. SILENT. No noisy and energy inefficient hydraulics, pneumatics or generators are required. Highly efficient, Power is only drawn when actuators are in motion. *


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Lamb Crate
Lamb Crate Sheep Crates
Lamb Crate

lamb eye view

Semi Railed Pig Crate
Semi Railed Pig Crate Pig Crate
Pig Crate

semi railed side view

Indicator Indicators

close up of indicator

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