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Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.

 Indicator Junior Senior  Auto Drafter Virtuial Indicator
Bluetooth Wireless Communication   Y Y Y
Internal Battery - LAG Deep Discharge Y Y Y N/A
Percentage Power Level Value Y Y Y N/A
Backlight Screen Y Y Y N/A
Touch Screen       Y
High Visibility Day Light Screen       Y
360* Swivel Ball Joint Mount Y Y Y N/A
Live Weight Program- Un Damped ( Filling, Mixing etc. ) Y     N
Live Weight - Damped Y     Y
Fixed Weight Program + Re-weigh   Y Y Y
Daily Live Weight Gain       Y
Multi Scale Calibrations Y Y Y N/A
Group Statistics   Y Y Y
3 Way Auto Drafting - Fully Automatic Mode     Y Y
3 Way Auto Drafting - Grade and Re-draft Mode     Y Y
Draft By Daily Live Weight Gain       Y
Auto Marker - 3 Colours     Y Y
Blue Tooth Wireless Comms Enabled   Y Y Y
Manual ID Entry       Y
EID Compatible   Y Y Y
Non EID Read Warning + Default Record   Y Y Y
Non EID Read Warning + Default Record / Retain & Re Draught     Y Y
No Duplicate EID reads Recorded Per Batch   Y Y Y
Draft By Weight Range     Y Y
Draft By EID Look Up   * * Y
Draft Non EID Reads       Y
Display DLWG       Y
Draft By DLWG Range       Y
On Screen Graph   Y Y In Reports For Export
Batch Files - Unique Date Time Stamp   Y Y Y
Animal / Category Group Filter       Y
Report Data Selection & Filter       Y
Quick Excel 1 Key Tap Report Function       Y
PC Utility Download   Y Y N/A
Data Format   html & csv html & csv xls, csv, html
Data Transmission   Cable, Zigbee & Bluetooth Cable, Zigbee & Bluetooth Wi-Fi, BT, SMS, 3G+ etc.
* In Development        

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