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Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.

Lay Flat Portable Weigh Crates

Pharmweigh Lay Flat Portable Weigh Crates are designed specifically to suit animal handling & weighing requirements where portability & method of transport are paramount. Such as a portable Calf Scale.

The Walk Through Weigh Platform or Trough is isolated from the side hurdles & gates which may be linked to a handling race if required.

Whether your transport is a truck or a 3 or 5 door car, if we have the carrying space dimension we’ll build a scale, in stainless steel & aluminium checker plate for strength & lightness, to suit your application. Assembly takes less than 2 minutes. If you’re selling or buying by weight the scale must be Trade Approved. We can stamp custom scales for trade use if required.


The Pharmweigh Lay Flat Calf Weigh Crate is robust, reliable and easy to use. It couldn’t be simpler to assemble and dismantle, meaning that you can quickly move it between sheds, units or even farms for weighing different groups of youngstock whilst still getting a reliable reading. It is cleverly designed to aid with animal flow, meaning that getting calves through the crate is less of an issue than with conventional crates. At the end of the job, it can be easily washed down and packed into the back of the estate car ready for the next farm tomorrow!

Katherine Moore
Technical Sales and Support Manager
AB Neo


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Swing Side Sheep Crate
Swing Side Sheep Crate Swing Side Crates
Swing side sheep crate

front view

Lay Flat Portable Calf Weigh Crate
Lay Flat Portable Calf Weigh Crate
Video Clip

Lay Flat Portable Calf Weigh Crate

Draft Crate
Draft Crate Manual 3 Way Drafter
Draft Crate

sliding gates open

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