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Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.


Pharmweigh Load Bars are highly versatile, portable, weigh scales, suitable for weighing cattle, pigs, sheep, feed mills or for bagging, filling and many other applications. They may be used as the base structure for walk through cattle or sheep weighs troughs or pig weigh platforms.  As we custom build we can make suitable sizes & capacities to suit most applications including Trade Approved – Legal for Sale.

Standard loadbars are manufactured with  4 x 1000kg, Fully Welded, IP68, Class 3 Trade Approved, Stainless Steel Load Cells, 150% Safety Overload Capacity PLUS 5 Years Warranty.  All built into stainless steel box section fabrications using Steel Core Rodent Proof Conduit.

Pharmweigh understands that agricultural livestock weighing equipment needs to be built to the very highest standard to withstand the rigorous nature of weighing livestock in a harsh, demanding environment. To achieve this and to stand the test of time, Pharmweigh only use IP68 Stainless Steel Load Cells.  We do not and will not use aluminium load cells.  Compromise is not an issue.

Whether you are using Pharmweigh Loadbars to weigh Cattle, Pigs or Sheep, for bagging and filling or any other application such as check weighing materials or calibrating equipment, you can rest assured that you are using loadbars and loadcells that have been manufactured with absolute durability as a priority. 

Plus you can be assured with 5 Years Loadcell Warranty

Custom design and capacity options are available, e.g. to fit specific cattle crushes, DIY weigh platforms etc.


All our products can be viewed on our portfolio page.

Swing Side Sheep Crate
Swing Side Sheep Crate Swing Side Crates
Swing side sheep crate

front view

Manual Lamb Drafter
3 Way Manual Lamb Drafter open slide door base close up of floor tread Manual 3 Way Drafter
Manual Lamb Drafter

close up of floor tread

Lamb Crate, back top rail, indicator & bottle stand
Lamb Crate, back top rail, indicator & bottle stand Indicators
Bottle Stand and Indicator

on the back rail of a lamb crate

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