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PHARMWEIGH Manual 3 Way Draft Crate


Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.


Offers definitive management versatility from within a crate – all required tasks, VID / EID, grading, drenching, vaccination etc and drafting upto 3 ways may be conducted from one position within one weighcrate. An ultimate weigh crate.

Fixed sides have sliding gates running in pairs of stainless steel sealed roller bearings making them exceedingly smooth. The unique locking action is firm and solid yet easy to unlock. When open, flick the gate gently & it’ll slide shut & lock. No latches or handles to manoeuvre. Simple & efficient.

Handles are ergonomically poisoned enhancing the simplicity of gate action.

Permutations of gate and crate options are available as customised builds.
Manual draft crates are simple, efficient & compact. Take one crate with you, no additional drafting gates or hurdles are required. Plus no loadbars to mount on isolation frames which only work on solid ground.

Keep it easy, keep it simple.


All our products can be viewed on our portfolio page.

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3 Way Manual Draft Gates

Manual Draft Crates
Manual Draft Crates
Video Clip

Manual Draft Crate

Swing Side Sheep Crate V Formation with Lamb Crate
Swing Side Sheep Crate V Formation with Lamb Crate Sheep Crates
Swing Side Sheep Crate and Lamb Crate

v formation

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