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Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.


Simply manages the download of indicator data to an intuitive PC program where batch files may be handled with ease.

Connect the indicator to the PC and click “Get Data” initiates data download.  Moving chevrons on the indicator and PCU show download progress while the batch file columns on the left of the screen populate.

NB - No duplicate batch files may be produced in the PCU if indicator memory was not cleared at last use

When download is complete you have the option to clear the indicator memory.

*  0000’s represent No EID Tag Read – An indicator function

You may then manually assign an Identifier, Origin & Destination to selected batches if required.

Highlighting a batch populates the animal data screen on the right showing batch details.  If using the Auto Drafter the Set Point Values are shown with the 3 draft statistics in the top screen.    Single draft statistics are shown with the Senior indicator.

Selected batches may be saved to the Pharmweigh Reports Folder on the desktop by clicking either the Save As HTML or Save As CSV ( Comma Separated Value ) buttons.

Opening the reports folder & clicking on HTML reports opens the report in a formatted spreadsheet.  Neat & easy to use for management records such as movements etc.

Clicking on CSV reports opens the report in an unformatted spreadsheet.  Many 3rd party applications such as management software can import CSV files, incorporating data into individual animal records.


All our products can be viewed on our portfolio page.

Indicator Indicators

close up of indicator

Semi Railed Pig Crate
Semi Railed Pig Crate Pig Crates
Pig Crate

semi railed side view

Lamb Crate
Lamb Crate Sheep Crates
Lamb Crate

lamb eye view

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