Pig Auto Drafters

The Pharmweigh Pig Auto Drafter is a simple, though sophisticated, exceedingly rugged, stainless steel, portable or permanent, highly cost effective, automated weigh and draft system. Utilising the digital technology of the range of Pharmweigh indicators, designed and built specifically for livestock applications, operators may specify a desired weight band thus defining three selection parameters. The indicator drives draft gates automatically or semi automatically, retaining each animal allowing grading, dosing, scanning – back fat / eye muscle & re drafting if required.

Reading EID tags is easy, catching non reads is not. The drafter catches non reads with options to re tag, accept & or re draft. All values stored to memory, whether weight alone, weight + EID or EID alone are date time stamped. Batch files may be downloaded to PC using The Pharmweigh PC Utility.

The system drivers are IP67 12V DC actuators with a design life of 500,000 cycles. SILENT. No noisy and energy inefficient hydraulics, pneumatics or generators are required. Highly efficient, Power is only drawn when actuators are in motion*. Weighing & drafting is absolutely silent, stress free & efficient wherever you are. “Serene” Drafters are totally portable with only 4 connectors, set up takes less than 2 minutes. Plus the weigh crate may be used manually too. This development has been made possible through The UK Department of Trade & Industry R&D SMART award scheme’s recognition of Pharmweigh technical innovation. No such equipment of similar specification, versatility, functionality, design or build has been produced anywhere before.

Auto Drafter image

Auto Drafter image

A Wholly British Innovation

The Pharmweigh Auto Marker may be run with all auto drafters. * Motor Update December 2011. We have recently updated the original motor. We were aware the originals were of a lower specification than we’d have liked but there is little choice with such commercially available motors. They were inexpensive & very simple to replace if they failed.

We are now having an alloy motor with steel worm gears specifically manufactured. They are 2.5 times the power & 20% faster with steel worm gear compared to the original nylon tooth geared motors. Thus gate actuation is faster, far more responsive, “Snappier” . With a number of drafters in use with these motors they have proven to be problem free, highly reliable with improved operational efficiency. There is a significant price difference compared to the originals but overall cost still remains highly competitive when considering, build quality, specification & practicalities compared with other options.

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