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Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.


All platforms are custom built to your specific requirements – dimensions, capacity & resolution - using Stainless Steel IP68 shear beam loadcells.

With or without handling equipment – gates, single or multiple, operable from both ends & hurdles; which may be partitioned, fitted into slotted inserts, with modular floor sections for expansion & or ease of re installation. All to increase the versatility of the platform as a piece of handling equipment.

If the platform is to be flush with the floor, such as where fitted into a slatted floor with your slats inserted, we’ll build the platform with a pit frame for your installation.

Platforms are built in stainless steel or mild steel with a polyester powder coat or hot spray zinc galvanised finish.


All our products can be viewed on our portfolio page.

Swing Side Sheep Crate
Swing Side Sheep Crate Swing Side Crates
Swing side sheep crate

front view

Lay Flat Portable Calf Weigh Crate
Lay Flat Portable Calf Weigh Crate Lay Flat Portable Weigh Crates
Video Clip

Lay Flat Portable Calf Weigh Crate

Draft Crate
Draft Crate Manual 3 Way Drafter
Draft Crate

sliding gates open

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