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Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.


Walk Through Weigh Trough

Built for rapid fixing to Pharmweigh Load Bars, the sturdy folded 6mm Aluminium Durbar plate trough is supported on a stainless steel box section frame. It is light enough for a single person to handle and rugged enough for the heaviest, wildest beast. An ideal product for cattle weighing in raceways.

Trolley Scales

Designed to act as a small platform scale on casters, incorporating a removable mesh box for piglet weighing. The trolley may also be used as a mobile platform scale in applications such as feed weighing. Trolleys are all stainless steel with IP68 rated stainless steel load cells, enabling them to be pressure washed.

Cell Kits

Built to order for any DIY weighing application, eg mill and mixer weighing, hopper weighing, platforms, batch weighing etc. You provided the application, we'll provide the solution.


Are custom built, road legal where necessary, mobile weighing platforms constructed and finished, e.g. Hot Dip Galvanised or Hot Spray Galvanised for large structures, to client specification.


All our products can be viewed on our portfolio page.

Semi Railed Pig Crate
Semi Railed Pig Crate Pig Crates
Pig Crate

semi railed side view

Swing Side Sheep Crate
Swing Side Sheep Crate Swing Side Crates
Swing side sheep crate

front view

Lamb Crate, Close Up of Handles
Lamb Crate, Close Up of Handles Sheep Crates
Lamb Crate

close up detail of handles

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