Draft Master DC Electric Auto Drafter

Silent, Compact, Fast, Calm & Gentle

Labour Saving Weigh Crate

If you’re looking for a labour saving weigh crate that’s amazingly simple and technically robust look no further.

The Draft Master Auto Drafter is exceedingly compact compared to a Pneumatic Autodrafter, being the same size as a 3-Way Manual Sheep Drafter. Running off e-bike batteries there’s no requirement for a generator or compressor, adding to portability, so it’s almost silent.

Plus, it’s extremely efficient as power is only drawn when a gate is in motion. It’s possible for lambs to flow at 1 per 6 seconds, that’s 600 / hour on average in the automatic mode.
A 10aH Battery Can Draft Over 3000 Lambs from a Full Charge (above 20°C).

Gates will not jam. When resistance is met the gate retracts & tries again until closed. Gate feedback ensures only the correct weight is caught & recorded.

The Semi Automatic mode allows for handling, grading & re drafting remotely from your mobile phone or tablet if run off The Virtual Indicator App. Drafting by Weight, Daily Live Weight Gain or EID look up.

With BLE Bluetooth, data can be transmitted live to 3rd party management apps offering comprehensive versatility for more in depth recording.

3rd Party Management Apps

The Draft Master works with 3rd party management apps, including Shearwell X6 stock recorder.

Battery Powered!

Green, Clean, & Serene

Indicator working with Shearwell X6 stock recorder
Draft Master image
Draft Master image
Draft Master image

Draft Master Features

Silent All DC Electric - No Generator or Compressor
Safe Kind & Calm – Gate Retract Function – Gates will Not Jam
Compact The same size as a 3 way manual sheep drafter
Fast Can handle up to 600 lambs / hour
Efficient Low Power Draw – * Draft Over 2500 Lambs from One Battery Charge @ 10-12°C & over 3000 @ 20°C+
Robust Built to last in Stainless Steel
Practical No Loadbars so works on any surface, soft or inclined. No isolation frame required
Practical Semi Automatic Mode For Grading & Handling
Practical Operate Remotely from Mobile Phone or Tablet
Practical Transmit weight data to 3rd party management apps
Reliable No Optical Sensors to get dirty
Reliable No Optical Sensors that move
Accurate Gate position feedback ensures weight is only caught when gates are closed – no multiple weighing
Unique British

* Simulated Testing

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Built for harsh environments!