Have been designed from scratch based upon years of first hand practical experience, incorporating multiple scale selection & multiple programs all within a simple, 4 key, user friendly, IP65 ruggedised enclosure. Through 1st hand experience of many commercially available indicators we’ve strived to incorporate core, sound, practical functionality while excluding the many cumbersome, unnecessary functions seen in many such indicators. 4 Hot Keys with suitable one line on screen instruction only where necessary make the indicators simple & highly intuitive. User guides are unnecessary. We’ve applied the design philosophy that if it’s not intuitive it’s not right.

All livestock programs are electronically damped to register rapid accurate weights no matter how much movement there is on the scale. The Undamped program is suitable for milling, filling & bagging type applications. Higher specifications have clocks, memory, statistics, graphing and weight banding options to drive the 12V DC Auto Drafter & Auto Marker options. They are EID Enabled, being compatible with EID Plate / Panel / Race readers and hand held readers with suitable communication. They may be used as weighing scales with or without EID AND as the memory with EID readers on their own – such as when used as a race reader without weighing. Data is downloaded to PC in common file format

PLUS EID enabled indicators identify & STOP NON READS. A totally unique feature that allows management of stock with lost or failed EID tags. The Auto Drafter also allows for redrafting.

Indicators with memory have clocks. The date time stamp is the unique reference for new batch files. Change any settings & a new batch file is created to avoid recoding errors.

3rd Party Management Apps

Pharmweigh Indicators with BLE Bluetooth link with 3rd party management apps for live data management, including the Shearwell X6 Stock Recorder.

Indicator Kit

All records, weights and or EID, alone or together, are date time stamped – perfect for movement and management records. Records in memory may be downloaded to PC in spreadsheet format or CSV format to import into 3rd party applications. All indicators have 3 pre programmed scale calibrations, Crate Conversion Kit, Weigh Crate and Loadbar / Platform / Cell Kit, plus one custom calibration for any other scale such as axle pads, silo’s etc.. Thus, if practical, one indicator may be used on a range of different scales. The large screen is backlight for use in low light conditions, there’s an internal rechargeable battery with percentage power level on screen and the mount sits on 2 ball joints so it can be swiveled into any convenient position for viewing.

Indicator working with Shearwell X6 stock recorder

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