Pig Crates

All Pharmweigh pig crates are open topped allowing for animal handling, ID & marking, drug administration, back fat and or eye muscle scanning. All crates are designed for single person operation with easy rapid action, sprung, self closing gates. Gates may be locked in either the open or closed positions as well as operated remotely by tying chord around the handle, running through the outer frame chord guides and tying as required to the other end of the crate or up the race way.

Stainless Steel crates are by far the most popular. Hot dip galvanised mild steel crates are available too. Stainless crates are around 2/3rds the weight of galvanised crates. IP67 stainless steel load cells with 150% safety overload capacity are built into the crates with all wiring ducted to minimise the risk of accidental damage.

Commercial Crates have sheeted sides to minimise lateral distraction. Visibility is straight through the gates to encourage flow. Selection Crates have semi railed sides to allow for teat examination. Rails are adjustable with 3 positions or may be removed as required. The floor sheet is folded up the sides to prevent slipping and accidental injury. Custom specifications are built to order.

Pig Crate image

Pharmweigh Auto Drafter may be retrospectively fitted to stainless steel pig crates.

Pharmweigh Auto Marker may be used with all pig crates.

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