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Have you ever wondered why communication between inexpensive consumer digital equipment is so easy yet agricultural weighing equipment is complex, difficult to use and somewhat expensive? Why? Agricultural weighing equipment is not mass produced, which made us think why not utilise mass market PC technology that communicates easily & effectively with other digital devices.

Thus The Pharmweigh PC Scale was born – working with all Pharmweigh scales supplied over the past 5 – 6 years as well as driving The Pharmweigh 12v DC Auto Drafter & Auto Marker. Running on Windows XP or Vista, it will also work with some 3rd party scales.
The Application has three modes of operation – Weight Only, Weight & ID & ID Only & simply records three things – Time & Date, Weight & ID. ID may be entered in three ways – manually through the keypad, with a USB bar code reader – remember barcodes are effectively free when you have your official tags printed - & with a USB ISO EID Tag Reader.

There’s a simple database in the background which automatically creates records when an ID’s entered for the 1st time. Subsequent weight recordings will show the DLWG on screen. The field “Animal Type“ is a powerful filtering tool allowing you to create as many values as required such as breed, species, farm, group, location etc. as you like. All new batches are date stamped as their specific reference.

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Reports are created by selecting specific field values and saved for opening in common 3rd party applications like Excel. Saved reports are available for analysis & management decision making aswell as saving to memory media or transmitting by Bluetooth or WiFi. Broader potentials may be addressed by networking. Perfect for commercial, pedigree or research management.

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