Virtual Indicator

The Pharmweigh Virtual Indicator is the pocket pal of any canny stockman - compatible with Pharmweigh scales, Auto Drafters & Markers of all types. Available on Android.


  • Compatible with the Pharmweigh Senior & Auto Drafter Indicator Range
  • Easy to see colour coding for Unsteady Weight, Steady Weight and Animal Draft
  • Re-weigh and Zero functions to avoid weighing errors


  • Clearly displayed as you weigh each animal

Electronic ID

  • Compatible with Bluetooth EID Readers, LF & UHF
  • Check with us and we can check reader compatibility
  • If no reader, Type in the ID or set to none


  • Multiple Draft Options
    • Weight
    • Daily Live Weight Gain
    • Draft by EID lookup list
    • Manually select each animal
    • No drafting
    • Remotely with The Draft Master from Phone or Tablet
    • Band tables for upper and lower weight/DLWG limits
  • Band tables for upper and lower weight/DLWG limits

Quick Gate Reports

  • Quickly create reports for animals in the current batch
  • Select a report for any gate
  • Super quick and super simple viewing of animal data
Virtual Indicator Table image

Instant Stats
See draft stats by gate at as you weigh

  • Location Data, From & To
  • Total, Max, Min and Average Weight
  • Max, Min and Average DLWG
  • Number of animals drafted by gate

Auto incremented number
Named batches

Update Animal Records by gate

Group: Change the group an animal is part of - used for reporting on animal histories over time in the overview section.

Locations: Create movements for animals by gate.

Customisable Interface Settings
Choose how much information is on display
What filters are useful to you
How much prompting you wish to receive

Bulk and Individual Animal Records
Use filters or EID reader to add animals to list
Create movement records without needing to weigh
Create groups of animals to help you track progress
Add offspring counts
Define parents and offspring to track fertility

Virtual Indicator image

General Information Recording

  • Group
  • EID and Management ID
  • Max, Min and Average DLWG
  • Sex, Birth and Death/Sale Date

Relations Information

  • Sire, Dame & Offspring
  • Offspring count per season
  • Weighing and Movement History

Movement Records

  • Name movements and add from and to locations
  • Add lists of animals by either scanning or filtered list
  • Animal movement record created on individual animal list

Standard Reports

  • Animal(s) Record Report
  • Batch(s) Summary Report
  • Max, Min and Average DLWG
  • Include animal IDs, with weights and stats

Custom Reports

  • Create filter criteria and make custom reports to see progress of animals
  • See distribution graph of weight data to assess health and performance
  • All exportable to spreadsheet format


  • Official Holding Number
  • Custom Name

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Automatically connects after initial setup
  • No cables required between device and scales