Farming Transformation Fund Improving Farm Productivity Grant

  • by Pharmweigh
  • 04-02-2022


Farming Transformation Fund Improving Farm Productivity Grant

Eligible items include Robotics and Innovation.
The Draft Master DC Electric Auto Drafter is Silent, Compact, Fast, Calm & Gentle.
Running off e-bike batteries there’s no requirement for a generator or compressor, adding to portability, so it’s almost silent. The Draft Master uses an advanced sensing system with the ability to understand its environment. Robotic actuators control the gates that will not jam. When resistance is met, gates retract & try again until closed. The softwares decision making capability to plan includes Drafting by Weight, Daily Live Weight Gain or EID look up.
The Semi Automatic mode allows for handling, grading & re-drafting remotely from your mobile phone or tablet when run off The Virtual Indicator App.
Adaptations for calves, cattle & pigs are options.
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