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Designers and manufacturers of high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.

Pharmweigh provides both innovative design and robust engineering. We have 25 years of sound hands on experience of husbandry, weighing, production performance and recording requirements. We fully understand the importance of Ingress Protection ratings, which are the key to prolonged reliability in an environment that is as harsh as any. That’s why Pharmweigh only use the highest standards of materials available.

Farming Investment Fund

Grants for investing in new technology now available!
Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (for grants between £2,000 and £25,000)

Whatever you’re requirements Pharmweigh Auto Drafters, Weigh Crates & Manual Drafters, Load-bars and Platforms are all eligible and this includes our new Draft Master!

The Draft Master is the way to go if you are concerned about the environment, animal and operator welfare, no more pneumatics running off noisy generators and compressors! The Draft Master is Silent, Compact, Fast, Calm & Gentle running off e-bike batteries.

You need to act fast, the round 1 application period will close on 7 January 2022.

NEW! Draft Master


Auto Drafters

The Pharmweigh Draft Master DC Electric Auto Drafter is a labour saving weigh crate that’s amazingly simple and technically robust. This Autodrafter is silent, compact, fast, calm, gentle and the same size as a 3-Way Manual Sheep Drafter...



Pharmweigh platforms are custom built to your specific requirements – dimensions, capacity & resolution - using Stainless Steel IP68 shear beam loadcells...


Pig Crates

All Pharmweigh crates are open topped allowing for animal handling, ID & marking, drug administration, back fat and or eye muscle scanning.

All crates are designed for single person operation with easy rapid action, sprung, self closing gates...


Sheep Crates

Gates may be locked in either the open or closed positions as well as operated remotely by tying chord around the handle, running through the outer frame chord guides and tying as required to the other end of the crate or up the race way...


Manufacturers of high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment

Built for harsh environments!