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Designers and manufacturers of high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.

Pharmweigh provides both innovative design and robust engineering. We have over 30 years of sound hands on experience of husbandry, weighing, production performance and recording requirements. We fully understand the importance of Ingress Protection ratings, which are the key to prolonged reliability in an environment that is as harsh as any. That’s why Pharmweigh only use the highest standards of materials available.

Draft Master

This is no ordinary Auto Drafter, the Draft Master is powered by a single 36V DC E-Bike battery and it can draft over 3000 lambs on one charge!

Built to last in Stainless Steel this Auto Drafter is Compact and highly Portable. Very easy to operate remotely from Phone or Tablet. The Draft Master is Silent, Fast, Accurate and will work on any surface, soft or inclined and no isolation frame required.

The Draft Master uses an advanced sensing system with the ability to understand its environment. Robotic actuators control the gates that will not jam. When resistance is met, gates retract & try again until closed. The softwares decision making capability to plan includes Drafting by Weight, Daily Live Weight Gain or EID look up.

Adaptations for calves, cattle & pigs are options.

NEW! Draft Master


Auto Drafters

The Pharmweigh Draft Master DC Electric Auto Drafter is a labour saving weigh crate that’s amazingly simple and technically robust. This Autodrafter is silent, compact, fast, calm, gentle and the same size as a 3-Way Manual Sheep Drafter...




Pig Crates

All Pharmweigh crates are open topped allowing for animal handling, ID & marking, drug administration, back fat and or eye muscle scanning.

All crates are designed for single person operation with easy rapid action, sprung, self closing gates...


Sheep Crates

Gates may be locked in either the open or closed positions as well as operated remotely by tying chord around the handle, running through the outer frame chord guides and tying as required to the other end of the crate or up the race way...


Manufacturers of high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment

Built for harsh environments!